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Kono Traveler K2394L Luggage With TSA Lock

Kono Traveler K2394L Luggage With TSA Lock

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  • Cabin suitcase is suitable for British Airways, Jet2, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, TUI Fly, Ryanair and Aer Lingus Carry On (at the time of writing this product description.
  • High quality and durable material.
  • 4 x 360 °swivel wheels distribute the weight of your suitcase evenly and ensure easy gliding through busy airports or train stations.
  • Retractable, easy grip telescopic handle with multiple height settings.
  • A TSA combination lock to offer maximum security. 
  • There are two handles - one on the top and one on the side.
  • Four plastic feet on the side to rest the bag on.
  • The main compartment features nylon straps with a buckle that can secure the contents on one side, the other side is secured via a zip and has a mesh zip pocket making for organised packing.
Are you looking for a high quality suitcase that is also super stylish without breaking the bank? The Kono K2394L is a new release from Kono from their very successful suitcase range. The cabin suitcase size version is suitable for many airlines carry on luggage including EasyJet, British Airways, Jet2, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair and Aer Lingus. (at the time of the writing of this description - please check the Airline dimensions to be up to date on their cabin bag restrictions). The fully retractable telescopic rod is lockable, so the hand luggage case can be easily guided with little effort. Simply put, this suitcase has all the features of a top, durable suitcase without the expensive price tag.

The Kono K2394L suitcase shell is made of the durable and high quality polypropylene material. Four twin wheels 360° smooth-running wheels trolley hand luggage for better rolling comfort. The carrying handles on the top and long sides make it comfortable to hold.

This model suitcase has a smart interior layout for neat packing with a cross strap in the suitcase interior ensures that the contents do not slip. Thanks to a flexible intermediate base with clip closure, the interior can be easily divided into two separate compartments making it easy to pack. The high-quality combination lock with adjustable code can be easily closed with a personal combination.

Suitcase Dimensions:
13 inch - 22cm (H) * 31cm (B) * 18cm (T) / 8.6" (H) * 12.2" (B) * 7.0" (T), 0.72kg, ca. 11 Litre
20 inch - 55cm (H) * 38cm (B) * 24cm (T) / 21.6" (H) * 14.9" (B) * 9.4" (T), 2.62kg, ca. 40 Litre
24 inch- 67cm (H) * 44cm (B) * 27cm (T) / 26.3" (H) * 17.3" (B) * 10.6" (T), 3.18kg, ca. 65 Litre
28 inch - 76cm (H) * 50cm (B) * 31cm (T) / 29,9" (H) * 19,6" (B) * 12,2" (T), 4,0kg, ca. 99 Litre
All dimensions are external dimensions, internal dimensions may vary by 1-2cm.
The 20" suitcase fits most major airlines including BA, EasyJet and Always check with your airline as carry-on luggage dimensions may differ from the allowable size.
How to set the code:
  • All locks are preset to "000". To change this you need to press the reset button (with a pen or toothpick).
  • Change the three numbers to the desired code.
  • Release the reset button and the code is now set.
  • Make sure it's memorable for you, but not too easy!
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