About Us

Welcome to our website! We are the official sellers of the Kono brand suitcases here in Ireland. Kono are a well known brand across the globe and they have established themselves are a premium seller of suitcases without the premium price tag. We buy directly from the brand so we can pass on those savings to our customers here in Ireland. 

Our goal is to provide high quality suitcases that are quality controlled at the lowest price possible. We want to provide Irish customers with great value so we price our products to be as affordable as possible but we do not sacrifice on quality for this. 

Our partner supplier has been in business for many years and supply some of the biggest retailers in Europe. We are their main partner here in Ireland so are able to bring you the best pricing and the best quality from their range of products.


The quality of our Kono range of bags is as a good as any competitor in the market but the main difference is the pricing we offer is unbeatable for the quality of the product. We offer a range of ABS and PP material bags (you can read more about what those terms mean here) and we are always expanding our range.


Our goal here is simple. Provide high quality suitcases to the people of Ireland. We understand that when shopping for a suitcase it usually means that you have a trip coming up so you need to get your bag ASAP and we have set up our business to provide this service. If our customers are happy then our business is happy and everyone is a winner!


All of our products come with a 12 month warranty which covers any manufacturing fault within that time period. Don't worry however as the fault rate on our Kono range is at 1 bag per shipping container so it is essentially as minimal as possible! Our bags are built to last and our supplier has a quality control officer on the ground at all times ensuring that the quality is kept as high as possible.


If you need any help selecting a bag we would suggest reading our suitcase buyers guide that will tell you about the different materials in our bags and what material you would need based on how many trips per year you are taking. Any other issues just email us at sales@suitcasesireland.ie.